FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi

FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi: “I can’t see myself playing at 40”

Lionel Messi admits he can see retirement on the horizon. The Argentine also admits he expects to play out his career with Barca.

“I can’t see myself playing at 40, I haven’t thought about what to do when I stop playing, I don’t know,” said Messi.

“I think of where I am now, in the years that I can continue playing and nothing more. When the moment comes then I will find something that I want to do, at the moment I am only thinking of what will happen until my contract finishes. Then I will talk to the club and decide what to do.

“The club appears to be happy with the youth team and the players coming through. My idea is to remain here at Barcelona, my kids have their friends and school, we are thinking about that more than anything.”

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